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 File Merge Express is a file comparison & file merge utility for Windows The program is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, & Windows 10. The program is also compatible with fully patched Windows XP computers as of the XP 'end of life' point. Separate 32-bit and 64-bit versions are available.

The program displays a contents comparison of two files and can (optionally) create a third file consisting of the merge of the two files being compared. That third file can (optionally) be opened in the built-in text (or binary) editor. If the two files being compared are like-named (they would exist in different paths of course), the program suggests a same-named merge file, to be saved in the last path used for a merge file. The program can also launch an external text &/or hex editor by double clicking on a line in the Comparison Results dialog.  

Multiple configuration options are available. For example, the contents comparison dialog, which is pictured below in the 'Comparison Results' window, can be configured to display a side-by-side or over-under orientation. Scrolling of the sections can be synchronized or not and line numbering can be disabled or not. The program can also be set to ignore white space and text case when determining what is alike vs. different.

Configuration options for the editor include whether or not to include common sections, difference header/footer strings, difference prefix strings, and colors to use in the editor. The editor has search/replace functions (including regular expressions), bookmarking, easy navigation between alike/different sections, and built in functions to quickly remove the section tags.

Command line parameters are available to specify files to compare or a script file to use. The program can also be launched from Windows Explorer by highlighting one or two files and selecting 'Compare' from the Explorer right click context menu.

Pricing begins at $25 per license. Discount pricing on multiple purchases is available. See Order Information for details.

File Merge Express Screen Shot

- The editor for text-based files is a full-featured editor.

- A 'merge file' based on the two files being compared can be generated without launching the internal editor.

- Print Preview.

- Quickly move between 'alike' vs. 'different' sections w/ quick navigation buttons.

- Launch from Windows Explorer.

- Links directly to Directory Toolkit.

- Context sensitive F1 hlp.

File Merge Express Shareware Installer for 32-bit Windows (900K)


Self-installing version for 32-bit Windows. See Install & Uninstall Information for guidance about installation and removal. Download this to a temporary directory and run 'setupfx.exe' to install.

File Merge Express Shareware for 64-bit Windows (x64) (1.1 MB)

(1.1 MB)

Self-installing version for 64-bit Windows (x64). See Install & Uninstall Information for guidance about installation and removal. Download this to a temporary directory and run 'setupfx64.exe' to install.

End User License

License Statement

See EULA Statement (End User License Agreement)

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