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Search and Replace Icon Please see Replace Studio Pro and Replace Studio Business Edition for information on the next generation text search and replace utilities by Funduc Software. A feature matrix presents a comparison of functions of our three Windows grep utilities.

Search and Replace 'classic' is our award winning search and replace utility used by programmers, webmasters, translators, and novice computer users the world over. Search and Replace, like Replace Studio Pro and Replace Studio Business Edition, searches through one or more files files for a string and can also replace that 'search hit' with another string. The program can search subdirectories and ZIP files and do case sensitive or insensitive searches. Extensive support for grep style regular expression search & replacements includes operations that span more than one line, incrementing number replacements, and inserting the path & filename in replaced files. Binary search & replace is also available. You can specify multiple include/exclude file masks and filters based on file date & size. Control over replacements includes configurable replacement prompts and a display of replacements before they are made. An easily understood script editor makes frequent &/or complex multi-step search/replace operations easy to prepare. Advanced script operations include a boolean expression evaluator for added control over which files will be processed by the script. The internal context viewer allows you to edit text files. An "HTML Mode" makes plain text -> html character code substitutions. You can also "Touch" files (change time/date stamp). Search and Replace automatically detects if the file being searched is text and can be configured to launch with separate external editors for search hits in text vs. binary files. The program can also launch associated programs on "found" files, e.g., launch your web browser if the search hit occurs in an .htm or .html file.

If you need to find and replace text, or just find text, this utility is a must have. It is significantly faster than other Windows grep-only utilities and allows replacing for the same price as those programs which offer only grep capabilities.

Search and Replace is for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, & Windows 10. Separate 32-bit and x64 versions are available.

Please see the Search & Replace Features List for more details.

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- Search & replace across multiple files in multiple subdirectories.

- Search .ZIP files!

- Advanced egrep syntax for regular expression search/replace!

- Scripts & command switches.

- View Color Coded results "in context" in user configurable fonts & colors.

- Fast Fast Fast

- Context sensitive help.

- Thousands of satisfied customers.

- International Versions are available.

- Support is available in the Help File, a FAQ, & from

- Mail, Fax, & Phone Orders are available.


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