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Search and Replace v 3.2+ has two places where an external editor of your choice can be used. Separate settings are possible for text and binary files. Please see the program F1 hlp for more information.

Presented here is information on using the hexeditor, 'frhed', in lieu of our own Hexview when viewing the search context of a binary file. frhed is by Raihan Kibria,  <>, (Previously

A special modification of frhed is required. You can download that HERE (125K).

Caution: The information below involves modifying the Windows Registry. An error may result in your computer becoming non-functional &/or requiring you to reinstall your operating system. Do not proceed unless you are familiar with making modifications to the Windows Registry!

To enable frhed as the external hex viewer/editor:

1. Examine the .txt files in the you downloaded above. This zip contains the file frhed.reg, which you will merge into the Windows registry. We suggest you unzip into the same path as sr32.exe, so you have the file for later reference.

2. Exit Search and Replace if it is running.

3. Edit frhed.reg with your text editor. That file assumes frhed.exe is located in c:\tools\frhed. Change the last line to suit where you installed frhed.exe. Be sure to double the \\ characters.

4. After you are finished, merge frhed.reg into your windows registry. Do this by highlighting frhed.reg in Windows Explorer, right click with the mouse, and select Merge. 

5. Restart Search and Replace.

To disable frhed as the external hex viewer/editor:

Use Regedit and delete the string added by the above. This is 'Binary Editor' under
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Funduc Software Inc.\SR32\Flags

To use another external hex viewer/editor:

Consult the documentation for your editor and use the information in HexWorkshop.reg as a model for your software. Search and Replace can pass the following information:
  %path% - full file path to the file
  %start% - offset of first found character
  %end% - offset of last found character
  %length% - length of found string

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