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Replace Studio Pro & Business Edition Version History

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Here is a brief history of the major Replace Studio Pro & Replace Studio Business Edition features.

Version 7.9

  • Added option for special handling for UTF-8 files without BOM. See 'Configuration File' in F1 Help for more information.
  • Replace Studio Pro only - Added one-use choices in Flags menu to 'Process Clipboard' or 'Process Files'. Process Files is default. Process Clipboard is available for use in lieu of the keyboard shortcuts for clipboard processing (Shift+Ctrl+Search icon or Shift+Ctrl+Replaceicon).
  • Replace Studio Pro only - Help Menu -> Hold Shift key & click on About opens the configuration file in the file editor associate with .cfg files.

Version 7.8

  • A bookmark is automatically set in the internal Context Viewer based on the highlighted hit when the Context Viewer is opened. Indicators are also shown for other hits in the file.
  • 'Multiple Lines' search & replace dialogs now use the same font face and sizxe settings as the internal Context Viewer. To change that setting use 'Options' button in the Context Viewer.

Version 7.7

  • Switch added to adjust the font face and size for the main window. See F1 help -> Index -> Configuration File for more information.
  • Ctrl+F and F3 now activate a 'Find' dialog in the internal context viewer.
  • 'Selected Hit' button added to Context Viewer to bring focus back to the hit selected when the context viewer was opened.
  • Replace Studio Pro only - 'Filter' indicator in status bar to show when date/size filters are in use.

Version 7.6

  • Security descriptors and file attributes are preserved for replaced and edited files.
  • *.xlsx;*.docx;*.pptx file masks are processed by default so special steps are no longer needed for search/replacing in the newer MS Office files.
  • Replace Studio Pro only - Help Menu -> Hold Shift key & click on About opens the configuration file in the file editor associate with .cfg files.

Version 7.5

  • Find function added in View Context right click menu.
  • Change to 'Open with Associated Viewer' function for better operability with file types associated with Visual Studio.

Version 7.4

  • Improvements in handling for multiple monitors.
  • Improvements to Ignore Whitepace & HTML Mode.

Version 7.3

  • Added Windows Explorer shell extension to all search/replace on one or more files by right clicking on files (or single folder) in Windows Explorer. Select 'Replace Studio Pro...' in Explorer right click context menu.
  • Drag n Drop files from Explorer into the program adds that file to File Mask/Path.
  • Search Hits centered in internal context viewer.
  • Support for FSHED - Funduc Software Hex Editor - as context viewer for hits in 'binary' files.
  • Improvements in handling for hit in 'binary' files.

Version 7.2

  • Added 'Zip Mask' switch for further control of files treated as 'archives'. See F1 Documentation - Configuration File.
  • View Context hit bookmark added.

Version 7.1

  • Added line numbers and bookmark indicator in internal Context Viewer.
  • Options dialog added to Context Viewer to set the font face & size and tab-to-space expansion setting for the Context Viewer.
  • 'No ESC' switch added to the configuration file setting to disable the default behavior of ESC causing a program close. This must be set by hand. See F1 help.

Version 7.0 (first public release)

  • ESC key closes the application.
  • Added context viewer prompt to (optionally) repair files with mixed line boundaries upon opening with context viewer.
  • User configurable font face & size settings added.
  • Faster processing of internal context viewer for files over 8 MB.
  • Added user-configurable settings for the display in main window fields when a Favorite is being used.
  • Various accelerator key functions added.
  • Unicode BigEndian support added.
  • xml script file format added.
  • Support for search/replace in archives added.

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