srxConvert is a free utility to convert .srs scripts used by our Search and Replace utility to the .srx format used by Replace Studio Pro 'Favorites' and Replace Studio Business Edition scripts.


Replace Studio uses an xml style file format for Favorites or scripts that differs from the .srs format used by Search and Replace.

To distinguish the two forms, Replace Studio Pro 'Favorites' and Replace Studio Business Edition scripts use .srx for the name extension while Search and Replace uses .srs.

Replace Studio Business Edition can load Search and Replace .srs script files and convert them to the .srx format. Upon save, Replace Studio Business Edition names the converted script with .srx for the name extension. The original .srs file is not modified.

Replace Studio Pro currently does not have functionality to convert .srs format scripts. If you have Search and Replace .srs scripts you want to use as a Replace Studio Pro 'Favorite' you can convert them with our 'srxConvert' utility.

srxConvert can also convert a 'list of strings' into a Replace Studio Business Edition script or a Replace Studio Pro 'Favorite'. The file containing the list of strings must be in plain text or Unicode and the form where the search/replace strings are on a separate line. The lines must balance! If a search string is to be replaced with nothing the blank replace should be a blank line. A sample file - srxConvert- test.txt - is included with the distribution. See srxConvert-test.txt for a sample of the form that a list of strings must take. Note that no special search switches are applied during conversion. Follow-up editing within Replace Studio Business Edition or Replace Studio Pro will be needed if you need to apply switches such as 'case sensitive' or 'regular expression mode' to any of the strings.

srxConvert is a command-line utility, which means it must be run from a Windows 'Command Prompt'.

Usage is:

     srxConvert.exe <.srs file to convert>


srxConvert Download (610 K) - To install, download '' and unzip the contents to the folder of your choice. See 'ReadMe.txt' and 'Install.txt' in the zip for install and uninstall and usage information.