TZAdjust IconTZAdjust, one of our freeware products, was created for users who need to make manual changes to the time zone and 'day light savings' offset parameters for their Windows XP and above computers. The Windows operating system automatically return file time information as an offset from Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and automatically makes Daylight Savings compensations when reporting file times. One can disable "Automatically Adjust for Daylight Savings" entirely in the Windows Day/Time Properties dialog but there may be other instances where finer control over time zone and the daylight offset is desired.

TZAdjust is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, & Windows 10.

See License Statements for the EULA agreement for TZAdjust.

If you are not familiar with how Windows handles time-related events please do a search of the Microsoft Knowledge Base for terms such as "Time Zone" or "Daylight Savings Change". Article Q129574 provides a good summary of this behavior.

TZAjust Main Dialog
TZAdjust Screenshot


TZ Adjust Download (Version 1.0 -120K) - Unzip this to the subdirectory of your choice. We recommend using c:\tools\TZAdjust although any path will do. See 'Install.txt' and 'ReadMe.txt' in the distribution for more information.

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License Statement - See EULA Statement (End User License Agreement)