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The Search and Replace Script function, with Advanced Settings, allows you to save search and  replace operations for later use. Scripts can be used to do multiple search &/or replace procedures across one or more path & file mask combinations. They can be simple search/ replaces, grep style regular expressions, or binary operations. You can rearrange to order of operations in scripts and override one or more components of a script from the Search and Replace main screen. Program options can be (optionally) specified in scripts - useful for using unique settings that differ from your customary program settings.

Scripts are ordinary text files that can be edited by hand if you like.

Search and Replace Script Dialog
Search and Replace Script Editor

Search and Replace Advanced Script Settings, with a boolean expression evaluator, provide added control over which files are processed by the script. The "E1" & "E2" variables modeled here with a default "OR" expression refer the search/replace string pairs above.

A full compliment of operators is permitted,
  AND OR > < = >= <= + - * /
you can use values for the number or replacement possibilities,
  E1 > 2
and you can compare one variable to another,
  E1 > E2

Expressions can be simple or complex:
  E1 AND (E3 > 2 OR (E4 < (E2*2)))

You can also insert comment text into scripts and control program options in effect for the script.


Advanced Script Settings Dialog
Search and Replace Advanced Scripts

Download Example Search and Replace grep Scrips (5K) Download some example scripts - (5K)


Scripts by Lad Dir was!


Below are some Search and Replace scripts by a user in Germany. The scripts are well documented, many in German and English.   





Convert TeX documents into ASCII documents keeping formatting like tables. 2 versions with English/German comments are included., 17KB
17 KB


Convert TeX documents into HTML documents. 2 versions with English/German comments and a readme are included., 30KB
30 KB


Convert HTML documents into TeX documents. German comments and readme. This script is not doing a complete conversion and therefore should be considered experimental! However, it probably will be sufficient for most simple documents, only few manual corrections on the converted docs should be necessary. See the 'html2tex_e.txt' and 'html2tex.txt' in the zip for for more information., 19KB
19 KB


Convert CSV (Comma Separated Values) database files into HTML documents. A commented CSS file for easy formatting, english documentation and readme included., 6KB
6 KB


Convert tables in HTML documents into CSV(Comma Separated Values) database files. English documentation and a readme in English/German are included., 4KB
4 KB


Convert text with DOS characters into ANSI characters., 1.5KB
1.5 KB


Convert text with Atari characters (yes, from the old Atari Computers!) into ANSI characters., 23KB
23 KB


Conversion of server access logfiles (extended CLF, Common Log Format) into CSV files in order to make a statistical analysis within database programs. 4 versions for CLF variants with English/German comments, a log filter script and a readme are included., 28KB
28 KB


Conversion of server access logfiles (extended CLF, Common Log Format) into SQL insert scripts in order to make a statistical analysis within a SQL database. 2 versions for CLF variants, a log filter script and a readme are included., 11KB
11 KB


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